Jells (Angelica Daniela Bello Ayapantecatl) was born in Zacatelco, Mexico, and raised in south side of Minneapolis. She graduated from Southwest High School, spring 2019, and will be attending Augsburg University with a full ride. She says that she's a “dreamer, daughter of a single CHINGONA mother, first gen., immigrant, native, artist, HUMAN and surrounded by people who I am grateful for. Estoy aqui por ellos, I am here because of them. Someone who wishes to take steps forward to make this a world we can actually call ‘home’ and peacefully enjoy mango ice cream. Seriously, a place where we can all enjoy and share meals together not worrying about our differences in languages, statuses and etc. Art for social justice. That is where my heart lays at and wish to change the world with. Gracias a todos por lo que han hecho por mi. Les prometo que todo su apoyo lo regresare en apoyar a nuestra comunidad y a los demas. Tlazohcamati. Gracias. Thank you.” 

William Burleson