Mbeke is an international education consultant, coach, public speaker, and writer. She has lived and worked in Jamaica, Ghana, the UK, and Malaysia. She worked as a volunteer in Cameroon and as a mentor in Ghana and the UK. Mbeke’s most recent work was featured in This is Us: Black, British and Female (2019), Trusted Black Girl, and Challenging Perceptions and Maximizing the Potential of Black Women in the UK Workplace, edited by Roianne Nedd (2018). Her body of work includes a series of articles and interviews on health and business, which first appeared in the UK publication, African Business and Culture. Her short stories have appeared in Fifth Estate, Dovetails, Pure Slush, The Writers Café; her essays and academic articles have been published in Pambazuka and 72M. She is currently living in the UK and working on an anthology of writing by women who have lived and worked abroad. Mbeke has traveled to Minnesota and says, “I really enjoyed the diversity of the Twin Cities. I didn't enjoy the snow as I generally dislike anywhere which is colder than the UK!” www.mbekewaseme.com

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