Tales of Block E

Tales of Block E was so enjoyable. It was funny, sad, and hopeful, with characters wonderfully portrayed and with so many lives intersected in so many surprising and touching ways.”

”I found it difficult to put the book down and finished it with more empathy for our urban outcastes. A great read!”

” Nice to find a writer who is chillingly honest, gob-smackingly funny, and still caring without descending into bathos.



A man living in a flophouse tries to impress his long-estranged blind father by embellishing on what the old man can’t see. Two employees of a porn theater pick the wrong day to get stoned. A fragile young woman and follower of a street preacher witnesses a tragedy, setting her on a mission that may be beyond her abilities. It’s 1979 on Block E, a woe-begone Times Square-type district filled with characters of all stripes—hookers and the homeless, addicts and drug dealers. But the streets also belong to the hopeful—the many people wanting so much more. These are the Tales of Block E, three stories of people in a place and a time long gone but not forgotten.

READ MORE about the very real location that serves as the setting for The Avenue.

In 1978 (one year before The Avenue takes place) WCCO TV made a 1/2 hour special about the block. TAKE A LOOK

Shinders to Shinders is a short film made by Daniel Polsfuss with choreographer Patrick Scully and poet Roy McBride. It was filmed on four consecutive Sundays between 2:00 a.m. and sunrise in 1982, and first shown projected on a billboard above Shinders on 7th on Block E. A MUST SEE