About Flexible Press

Flexible Press began in 2017 with the publication of Tales of Block E, three short novellas about life in 1979 on the most notorious block in Minneapolis.

Then in 2018, we published Lake Street Stories, 12 short stories from different authors about Minneapolis’s own Lake Street. All profits were donated to CLUES (Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio), a nonprofit whose East Lake Street offices were heavily damaged in a fire.

It has been successful beyond our expectations, and a business model was born, one of editing and publishing works to benefit the community.

Now our next projects are underway.

Home: an anthology, due out October 1, 2019, will feature Minnesota-connected authors and stories, essays, and poems answering the question, “What does ‘home’ mean to me?” All profits from Home will go to Alliance Housing, a Minneapolis non-profit dedicated to making it possible for individuals and families to create homes for themselves, regardless of income and background.

We are excited that Under Ground, a novel set in 1915 in the Iron Range of Minnesota, is now available! Like all good historical fiction, it has as much to do with our world today as in 1915. Megan Marsnik’s important story was serialized in the Minneapolis Star Tribune in the summer of 2015.


We are looking for worthy causes and more than worthy book ideas! Got an idea? Consider editing your own anthology to benefit a non-profit. If we like your idea, we can be your publisher and help you all along the way. This is not a money-making scheme; it will cost you nothing. And while you won’t make a nickel (and neither will we), you will be supporting your cause. Let’s talk!

Publisher and executive editor

William E Burleson


Flexible Press is dedicated to supporting authors, communities, and mission-driven non-profits through story.


At Flexible Press, we believe…


We believe that stories are fundamental to being human; to tell our stories, to hear and internalize the journeys of others, to learn and grow through glimpsing other lives and cultures, is not only critical, it is beautiful. 


We believe that more than at any time in the past, there are a wealth of talented, inspired, and vital authors waiting to have their voices heard. We intend to do what we can to make that happen.  


We believe that inequity has been baked into society for far, far too long; it is up to us as individuals and as organizations to remove institutional and interpersonal barriers and lift up the voices of those who have been silenced, so that we can live in a world where equality isn’t a hope, but a reality. 


We believe that as authors, we have the opportunity to create community through our words, and as people, we have a responsibility to support our communities of geography, culture, and affinity so that we can all achieve our best lives together.