Home: An Anthology

Minnesota-connected short stories, memoir, and poetry about the meaning of “home.”

COMING October 1, 2019

Book Launch Party! Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 7 p.m.

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28 authors explore hope and loss, promises kept and promises broken in their own personal search for home.

The anthology includes 40 works representing a wide range of Minnesota experiences and voices, urban to rural, historical to present day. Celebrating the feeling of connection to a community, the beauty of the north woods, struggling to find a way to keep our hard-earned home, or carving out a home in a sometimes hostile land, Home is a truly American story.

100 percent of profits will go to Alliance Housing http://www.alliancehousinginc.org/, a Minneapolis non-profit dedicated to making it possible for individuals and families to create homes for themselves, regardless of income and background. 

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  • Ed Sheehy

  • Don Browne

  • Stephen Parker

  • Teresa Ortiz

  • Drew Danielson