Under Ground

A Novel

Serialized in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2015


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About Under Ground

It is 1915, and young Katka Kovich leaves the only home she’s ever known for a new life across the ocean. Soon she finds herself on the rough and tumble Iron Range in northern Minnesota, where she joins a community of poor immigrant workers brutally exploited by the mine bosses. When the workers strike, Katka must convince the women to risk their lives and take over the strike. Along the way, she discovers true friendship, a sense of purpose, and love. 


Megan Marsnik is the granddaughter of Slovenian immigrants and the daughter of union activists. She was born and raised in Biwabik, a small town on Minnesota’s Iron Range settled primarily by Eastern European and Scandinavian immigrants. Marsnik earned her MFA in writing and poetics from Naropa University in Boulder, CO, where she won the Jack Kerouac Award for outstanding prose. She teaches creative writing and philosophy in Minneapolis.

Even MORE ABOUT Under GRound

Like many stories of revolution and uprising, Under Ground has passionately-spirited, colorful protagonists and deeply-hated antagonists.

It chronicles shootouts at labor rallies, guns transported to and from secret bunkers, fights in brothels, police corruption, xenophobia, and false imprisonment.  It features a cast of historical figures including Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Mother Jones, Big Bill Haywood, and socialist presidential candidate Eugene Debs. It is about courage and consequences.

But unlike most novels written about the labor movement in the U.S., this novel is told from the perspective of a strong, immigrant woman, who reminds us that there are things worth dying for, but more importantly, there are things to live for.

Under Ground melds the testosterone-laced grit of the movie There Will be Blood with the tenderness, intrigue, and female ferocity of Maria Duenas’ novel The Time in Between.

Under Ground book cover
Megan Marsnik
Wow! This was a perspective that needed to be told, and Marsnik does a remarkable job bringing it to life. A truly captivating story for anybody interested in women’s rights, immigrant rights, or northern Minnesota history.
— Sean Bloomfield, author of Adventure North and Owner of 10,000 Lakes Publishing